Friday, March 22, 2013

"Cookoo Me"

This video is a little old now, but Elise still loves to identify the Sesame Street characters on her diapers.  We can't get enough of hearing her version of "Cookie Monster."

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Better late than never?

 While this post is extremely late, we decided to go ahead and share some a LOT of pictures from our week in Walton, NY this summer.  Enjoy!


He was very focused.
Making sure it's just right.

Elise wouldn't eat any, but she enjoyed feeding Grammy.


Listening to the instructions for Aunt Joanie's newest game.

Aunt Joan & Cayden

Cayden & Elise

Taking care of a dead tree

Staying dry in the truck during the wood-cutting extravaganza.

Hard workers

At the beginning of the week, Lydia preferred to be up in someone's arms when around the dogs.  By the end of the week, she was petting the dogs and giving them commands.

Lydia Joyce & Joyce

Worker men taking a break

At the fair!  Those were some BIG draft horses.
I love Titus' expression. 

Katelyn & Keegan checking out the Black & White show.

Titus and his John Deere

Uncle Bruce & Aunt Linda let each of the kids pick a carrot from their garden.  They loved it!!

100% boy!    =)

Elise was fascinated by the dogs, but preferred observing them from a distance.

Keegan & Lydia braving the freezing brook!

Playing in the brook

Joyce & Elise enjoying a tea party on the tennis court (aka the world's biggest playpen)

Shana & Cayden enjoying the tractor ride up to the lean-to

Just lounging

Roasting marshmallows for s'mores


Daddy & Elise

Cayden was one busy boy!

Katelyn was very excited to have found a monarch caterpillar.

We actually found two - but one stayed in NY as it had already formed its chrysalis when it was time for us to return home.  We brought the other one home with us to watch its transformation.

Getting a ride in the trailer behind Grammy & Grandpa's little John Deere